In Acts 2:40, Peter “kept on exhorting” those listening to his famous Pentecost sermon to be saved from a perverse generation. Why does he have to keep on exhorting? Because the world has a mesmerizing lure. It’s like a shiny lure hanging in the stream attracting rainbow trout. It looks so good, but when they bite it, there’s a hook! That’s exactly what Satan wants to do to us! Only the lure is gold, gals, and glory. There is an extreme example of this in Mexico with the cartels. The lure of gold, gals, and glory is literally taking tens of thousands of lives! The devil came to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give life, and life abundantly! But you don’t have to go to Mexico to see this. It’s right here in the States. Someone is overdosing every 10 minutes from drugs. And even if you aren’t on drugs, your life can be polluted from the toxins of the culture around us. Just listen to the lyrics of the music that’s on the radio and you will get a glimpse of the reality of the perverse generation we live in. So warn your brothers and sisters so they won’t bite the lure.

Acts 2:40, Phil 2:14-16