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This June, my dad, Pastor Ross, and I have the incredible opportunity to go to Malawi, Africa and assist a team of about twenty people in bringing clean water to rural communities, providing vital medical resources, and, most importantly, bringing the good news of Jesus to the hopeless!

While Malawi, as a nation, has made great progress as far as cleanliness, health, and sanitation are concerned, it still has a long way to go. The economy, by nature, is not stable and, with at least 60% percent of the nation still directly relying on agriculture for sustenance, the ebbs and flows of a climate prone to crippling drought have a tendency to spark widespread famine and food shortage. Just in the last two years, serious outbreaks of cholera and typhoid have devastated various regions. Primarily, these deadly diseases are transmitted through contaminated drinking water.

Water Wells for Africa, the organization that we will be joining, has been working since 1996 to establish wells that provide clean drinking water, while at the same time empowering tribal leaders to sustain the wells and implement positive and sustainable sanitation methods. Check them out on online for more information!

Personally, we will, for the most part, be helping out on the evangelistic front this trip. Specifically, that will include leading worship, helping with children’s ministry, teaching, and taking part in dramas. The area is primarily Muslim so it will be an interesting challenge! Our long term goal is to promote a healthy, stable church in Malawi that will be inspired to share the love of Jesus to their non-believing neighbors. In essence, it is continuing the work of the early church in the Bible with intentional discipleship, teaching, and fellowship.

As far as expenses are concerned, the trip will cost $4200.​ Part of this sum will go to my immediate travel and living expenses, and another portion will be used to purchase medical supplies for the doctors with which we will be working. Last year, the clinics set up during the trip were able to treat literally thousands of people with crucial medical care over the three week period! We would truly value any and all donations toward this goal as you feel led!

If you’re looking for an easy way to give, follow this link to our GoFundMe for the trip: https://www.gofundme.com/2019-malawi-outreach

We would also really appreciate your prayers that God would prepare us as a team to serve effectively and that the hearts of the people would be softened to hear the gospel.

Thank you so much!

Daniel Russell

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