We are living in a day that many are going to want to know why we believe in Jesus. Let’s be ready to give an answer. One way to start a conversation about spiritual matters is to find common ground. Once you have established a starting point, you can appeal to reason. We have a reasonable faith. Jesus rose from the dead so we believe what He said! There is right and wrong. Justice means there should be a consequence for wrong doing. We fall short of the glory of God. We are sinners. Our sin deserves punishment. Jesus paid the price for us at the cross by being the sacrifice for our sin. Then describe your life before your conversion and how you came to know Christ. Explain the Gospel at this point. Tell them that Jesus has rescued us from the dominion of Satan, brought us from darkness to light, has forgiven our sins, sanctified us by faith, and has guaranteed our inheritance along with the saints! Remind them to repent –to change their mind if necessary about how they see Jesus and His Word. Remember the god of this world has blinded people’s eyes. Pray their eyes will be opened. Then describe your life with Christ and how He has used you to touch the world with His love. Then give them an opportunity to receive Jesus into their heart! Today is the day for salvation!

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